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How To Calibrate Your Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter - Easy Trouble Shooting

Have you ever had problems with your self balancing scooter shaking, vibrating, not moving forward or backward correctly?

The most common problem these boards has is the calibration may get out of sync. These boards work with two independent sensors which sense your position and foot movement. Whether through normal use or taking a fall, rolling the board, etc; these boards can get out of sync.

It's a really easy fix, all you have to do is calibrate the board. It's as simple as setting the board on a level surface, holding the power button in for 5-10 seconds until the headlights flash blue, and then turning the board off. Your scooter is now re-calibrated and ready for use.

If you actually want to see this process in action watch the video below...

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